Lemtapes actions during Coronavirus epidemic, COVID-19

Updated 24.3.2020

Dear Customers and Partners,

Lemtapes production in our factory is running normally and we do not currently see any delays happening in our production. We keep frequent touch with our suppliers and our raw-material situation is normal. We have secured our raw materials for incoming months. We make our most to be able to serve you with our tapes, glues and strings.

We have introduced company internal guidelines in place for all of our workers on how to best work in this situation. We do not make any visits, our guiding is to use digital means for communication. We have cleaning and hygiene instructions inside our factory for our workers. We want to keep our workers, partners and customers safe.  All our recommendations are based on Finnish authorities´ guidelines.

There will be delays in logistics in land transports. Please take this in notice in your ordering. We cannot predict how much. Our recommendation today is to reserve at least an extra week for logistics in Europe. Our personnel will help you with any logistics arrangements!

Stay healthy!


Sami Liponkoski

CEO Lemtapes Oy