We believe packaging can be better, and that it can help your product shine. 

With Lemtapes’ wide range of reinforcement and opening tapes, we’ll help you improve the strength and quality of your packaging while saving time and money. If you’re the owner of an e-commerce business, we’ll help you scale with high quality packaging and design that your customers will remember you by.

As your personal tape expert, we’ll also work together to make you an innovator in package design.

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Reduce usage of paper material

Using Lemtapes products will reduce paper use, making your production more efficient and shrinking your carbon footprint.

For Adara Pakkaus, Lemtapes Slim Tape reduced paper use by 23% in the production of their Karjala beer multipack.

In the commercial fishing industry, a client was able to switch to a thinner packaging material by using Lemtapes Reinforcement Tape. This reduced both raw material use and – because more cargo could be transported per shipment – environmental impact.

Frozen fish reinforced box

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Lemtapes® Dispenser & Beam application system is the perfect solution for strengthening corrugated packaging and making opening the boxes easy and frustration free (without weakening their structure with perforations). Check out our video of Invisible Strength® being applied in corrugated cardboard production process here!

We also provide technical visits to help you optimize your production.

We can help you choose the right tape for your needs!