User-centered package design is key to a successful packaging strategy


In today’s packaging industry, more and more emphasis is put on users and consumers and how packages resonate with them….

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Frustration-free unboxing experiences and sustainable packaging for e-commerce


The most important packaging feature is durability – this keeps the product safe in its package throughout the supply chain,…

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A rising need for a sensible packaging experience


It´s really been quite an eventful first seven months at the helm of Lemtapes. Like everyone else, we have been…

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Lemtapes’ reinforcement tape reduces paper material usage by up to 23%


At Lemtapes, we’re constantly striving to develop and offer innovative tapes and adhesives solutions while reducing material consumption and environmental…

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Packaging with an ergonomic reinforced handle will save shoppers´ time and nerves!


Consumer experience – true story A terrible hurry! I’ve got a package to fetch from the post office and shopping…

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