Handhole reinforcement makes carrying your products easier and more pleasant – offering a better and more ergonomic experience for your customers. Reinforced handholes will also keep the items safe while carrying the package. Another option are the integrated, reinforced handles for merchandise solutions.

Optimising package structure with Reinforcement Tape and board weight will reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of paper material you use – all while improving BCT.

And of course, you’ll stand out visually with improved printing quality and brand image, like Pyynikin Brewery’s Mosaic Lager.

For Adara Pakkaus, Lemtapes reinforcement tape reduced paper use by 23% in the production of their Karjala beer multipack. For better printing quality and optimally thinner liner, we developed an even thinner reinforcement tape that reduced reinforcement material – with tensile strength equal to regular reinforcement tape.

Finnish-owned beverage manufacturer Olvi also benefits from the strong handles reinforced with Lemtapes.

“Lemtapes’ reinforcement tapes strengthen the beverage multipacks and especially the carrying handles of Olvi’s drink branded packs, which are naturally heavy items. This applies to our top branded beverages that include Sandels, A. Le Coq, Olvi and Sherwood. Thanks to Lemtapes tapes’ unrivalled strength and durability these packages can be relied upon to withstand any kind of transportation from the factory to the store, as well of course, from the checkout to a consumer’s home.”

Read Olvi´s full story here.

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A diagram of a Lemtapes box with handhole reinforcement applied underneath the surface.
A diagram of a Lemtapes box with a reinforced, integrated cardboard handle.