Woodworking products

Eco product family

All our veneer tapes and strings are available in Eco product family.

Veneer tapes and strings

  • Hot melt tapes consist of polyester string that has a layer of EVA-based hot melt adhesive on the surface. The tapes (flat) and strings (round) are available in various thicknesses and colours, including blue, brown, transparent and UV fluorescent.
  • The characteristic feature of the strings and tapes is that the hot melt adhesive on their surface melts quickly in the heating tube and adheres quickly and firmly to the veneer surface after the composer’s press roll. They are suitable for composing e.g. birch, spruce, pine and poplar with Raute and Kuper DMF composers. We offer  different thicknesses for composing fine and coarse veneers in plywood and LVL production, including very thick tape for wooden panels and flooring.
A roll of brown veneer string.
A roll of blue veneer string.
A roll of white veneer string.

Veneer strings

  • Veneer hot melt strings consist of glass fibre string that has a layer of PA-based hot melt adhesive on the surface. The tapes are available in various thicknesses, suitable for different Kuper face veneer composing machines.
Two rolls of veneer hot melt strings.

Hot Melt Adhesives

  • Lemtapes also sells polyester string and hot melt adhesives for veneer composing in the plywood industry. They are suitable for Cremona, Hashimoto and many other composers. For Raute composers, we offer hot melt adhesive for butt joints.
  • The hot melt adhesives are EVA-based and their attributes include flexibility, fast bonding and outstanding adhesion to wooden surfaces. The hot melts are available in clear, brown and UV fluorescent colours. The odourless hot melts are supplied in granular form, in 20 kg paper bags.
Granular hot melt adhesive.

Polyester Strings

  • The characteristics of the polyester strings include high tensile strength and outstanding spreadability. This ensures the largest possible gluing area and good adhesion to the plywood. Polyester strings are supplied in different bobbin sizes suitable for different machine needs.
A roll of polyester adhesive string for plywood.


  • We have over 40 years experience in the composing process. Our service offer is helping our customers to optimize the veneer composing for maximum yield. We can also perform maintenance and adjustment for the tape and string application part.
  • We are your partner in process development, whether you want to maximize throughput, test new species of wood or just add visibility.
technical support at plywood plant