A growth solution for e-commerce

E-commerce is growing, and there’s more competition than ever. Customers expect convenience and ease. At Lemtapes, we know that reinforced, creative, and frustration-free packaging will make your brand stand out from the rest. That’s why we’ve developed a full solution for e-commerce products – from warehouse to consumer and back again.

To accomplish this, each package contains three tapes. Together, these tapes make it easy to close, open, and close again. This is the backbone of our frustration-free packaging solution.

Quick sealing

With Lemtapes, packing the products from your online store is easy. The first tape is used to seal the box as it’s sent from the warehouse to the recipient. Closing and sealing is easy — and fast. This will improve your efficiency and help you scale, no sweat.

Easy opening

The second adhesive, an easy-open tear tape, helps the receiver open the package conveniently. No scissors, no knives, no tools. Just grab, tear, and the box will open easily and cleanly – a safe and frustration free customer experience.

Streamlined repackaging and returning

Customer returns are a headache for the customer, and for you. That’s why the third adhesive tape allows the box to be sealed neatly for return, with no need for additional packing tape. This means your branding and logos will remain in view — not covered by someone else’s tape.

Let´s talk about tapes for e-commerce!

A flat carton with Lemtapes Open Tape applied to the inside surface, enabling easy pull-tab opening.
A cardboard box with Lemtapes Open Tape applied to the inside flap, enabling fast closure, easy pull-tab opening, and simple returns.

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