Protect your product during transportation and storage

Reinforcement with Lemtapes Carton Tape improves package performance and protects the box and its contents throughout the supply chain. Score-line reinforcement prevents corners from tearing in heavy packaging, large containers and octabins.

When stacked, typical packaging can bend and bulge under the weight above, posing a risk of tipping over in the warehouse. With Reinforcement Tape, your product will be protected and your working environment will be safer. Our reinforced cardboard box even stands up to moist and frigid conditions.

Reinforcement Tape is an excellent choice for beverage packaging (beer, wine, milk, water and other beverage multipacks) and for food packaging (frozen fish and frozen meat).

Lemtapes reinforcement tape is available in new sustainable material options. We can produce the tapes in different widths and with different glue options, as per your product and production requirements.

Check out a video of how Lemtapes reinforcing tape is being applied during the corrugated board production process.

Looking to improve your packaging performance?

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A diagram of an octabin with Lemtapes reinforcement tape applied under the surface.
A diagram of a box with Lemtapes reinforcement tape applied under the surface.