Lemtapes reinforces commercial fish packaging

Lemtapes reinforces frozen fish packaging materials, optimizing the packaging process and material use.

Fish packaging tears and breaks are a common challenge aboard commercial fishing vessels. The fish packaging process, where each box is stuffed with between 10-30kg of product, is more than enough to lead to tears and breaks for your average package.

Lemtapes worked with a recent client to solve the problem for good, adding Reinforcement Tape to their fish packaging to provide better durability during packing and transport. Lemtapes Reinforcement Tapes are applied during packaging manufacture and invisibly strengthen the entire box while better protecting the contents inside.

Lemtapes Reinforcement Tape strengthened the firm’s packages to better withstand the packaging process. The client was also able to switch from B-flute corrugated cardboard to E-flute, which is thinner and takes up less space. The thinner material, edges reinforced with Lemtapes tape, eliminates breaks and tears on the filling line. Previously, this had been an issue that halted the packing process and led to unneeded food and material waste, but also slowed down the packing process.

The client’s new, reinforced E-flute packaging uses less raw material and allowed the client to restructure the boxes into smaller size, fitting the same amount of product. This helped to maximize the amount of cargo transported per trip, saving transportation cost and reducing environmental impact.

The end result for the client was a more sustainable, efficient and cost saving fish packaging and transportation process.

The development was carried out in a partnership with Gotek Group. The specialists of the technological service of GJSC Gotek Nord-West took the active part in the development of the box.

Frozen fish reinforced box
A diagram of a box with Lemtapes reinforcement tape applied under the surface.

Lemtapes reinforcement tape strengthens each box, keeping corners from tearing, breaking or bulging

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