Opening Tape

Shelf-ready solution

Lemtapes’ Open Tape enables easy, knife-free opening of packages made of cardboard and folding cartons. At the same time, Open Tape increases the strength and sturdiness of the box over and above a perforation opening solution. This ensures your items are more securely protected throughout storage, delivery and display. Open Tape is a shelf ready solution that saves material compared with a two-piece shelf-ready solution (tray and cover).

Your retail-ready packages with reinforcement tape offer a clean edge and strengthen the box without decreasing BCT. This increases stacking efficiency and ensures your boxes are ready for their trip, from warehouse to home.

How it works

Open Tape splits at any point of its width, and the opening position can be adjusted with a cut or perforation. This empowers you to design the packaging your way.

During the manufacturing process, Open Tape is fed onto the surface of the cardboard. The process heat enables the tape to adhere quickly and firmly. 

The tape rolls come with splices to facilitate roll changeovers – a roll that is running low can be changed to a full one without stalling or slowing down the corrugated cardboard machine. Open Tape is available in several different widths to meet your requirements.

A diagram of a box with Lemtapes Open Tape applied around the middle, enabling an easy-open pull tab.

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