Core veneer composing


Lemtapes’ strong hot melt tapes and strings adhere veneers quickly and firmly together, and take your veneer waste close to zero. Run your composer at top speed with the best runnability in the industry.

Work with challenging or curly veneers? No problem – Lemtapes can handle it.

Raute and Kuper composers

We have over 40 years of experience in providing composing solutions for Raute and Kuper composers, providing hot melt tapes a strings for both soft and hardwood species. Our solutions cover a wide range of veneer thicknesses and qualities. We also offer butt-joint hot melt adhesive for maximising veneer hold in composing.

And we never settle: we continuously develop our products and processes together with our customers.

Hashimoto, Cremona and similar composers

Lemtapes adhesives offer the best runnability and an optimised veneer yield, while high-quality PET yarns make composing frustration-free. Our specialty product – Shiny Glue – is perfect for reducing adhesive consumption in composing, and offers best-in-industry operator visibility.

And then there’s equipment for composer rebuild and upgrade: we can rebuild your composer to use hot melt coated tapes in place of separate adhesive and yarn. This results in a higher veneer yield in lay-up and a reduced need for cleaning.

Lemtapes is now H.B.Fuller Finland!

Rolls of core veneer in a factory.