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Reinforcement with Carton Tape

Lemtapes Carton Tape is an invisible, imperceptible tape to reinforce your cardboard packaging.

There is a thin layer of hot-melt adhesive on the surface of Carton Tape. In the process of making a cardboard box, Carton Tape is fed under the outer liner of corrugated board at the wet end zone of the production process. Carton Tape is suitable for different process temperatures.

We can customize the width and thickness of reinforcement tapes for your needs. A number of different types of Carton Tape are available, and we’ll pick the right one based on your packaging and process temperatures.

Use reinforcement tape to:

  • Optimize packaging for efficient transportation and storage
  • Reduce usage of paper material
  • Reinforce bulk bins and other boxes
  • Reinforce handholes
  • Avoid packing line breaks
  • Prevent bulging
A roll of Lemtapes Carton Tape.
Lemtapes carton tape.

Carton Tape is a safe packaging material

Reduce: Lemtapes reinforcement tape reduced paper use by 23% in the production of the Karjala beer multipack.

Reuse: Reinforcement prevents bulging and tears, which increases durability and enables each box to be used multiple times.

Recycle: Boxes using Lemtapes tapes can be recycled normally. During the recycling process, the tape is removed and used for energy and the paper pulp is reused.

Open Tape

Lemtapes’ Open Tape is a three-in-one box solution: storage, delivery and display. It helps you save on paper material when compared with a two-piece solution (tray and cover, shelf-ready format). It enables easy knife-free opening of packages made of cardboard and folding cartons while increasing strength and sturdiness. When compared to perforation, Open Tape contributes more durability throughout the full lifecycle of the carton.

Lemtapes Open Tape is a filament tape with hot melt adhesive on one side and heat-resistant material on the other. It is used to reinforce and tear open packages made of corrugated cardboard. When used together with a guiding Lemtapes reinforcement tape, Open Tape offers better strength performance and allows for opening with clean cut edges – especially beneficial in retail-ready packages.

Open tape is placed on top of the inside liner of corrugated cardboard at the wet-end of corrugated board production. Lemtapes Open Tape is supplied with an automatic splicing system, which enables continuous running of production without stops.

Open Tape is a high-quality product made in Finland and gives good performance where easy and clean opening of the corrugated cardboard box is required. The tape sticks quickly with a strong hold, as the adhesive is activated by the process temperature at the corrugator.

Open Tape is available in several different widths to meet your requirements.

A sheet of cardboard with a tab pulled easily away, displaying the ease of opening with Lemtapes Open Tape.

Fingerlift Closing Tape

Fingerlift Closing tape enables quick and easy package sealing, with no additional tools. Forget fiddling with tape and scissors, and save time with the fast-packing method made possible with Sealing tape.

After the package is sealed, the tape remains hidden – that means the appearance and branding of your package will stay neat and fully visible, not covered with ugly packaging tape.

Our fingerlift tape is also an excellent e-commerce solution for online stores and other online businesses that send products to their customers. No more wasting time packing your products – with this solution, you can close the package in seconds. Opening and resealing for returns are a cinch for your customers, too.

A roll of fingerlift sealing tape.

Tape application system

Lemtapes D&B (Dispenser & Beam) is our innovative machinery solution developed specifically for the cardboard industry. Lemtapes D&B technology enables precise and secure positioning of tapes on the surface or within the structure of cardboard without slowing down production. 

It comes equipped with patented safety technology that provides an automatic start-up technique and effortless roll changes.

Lemtapes´ Application system is an extension of our commitment to help you find the best solutions for your company – and make them stick.

Check out the tape applicator in action during the corrugated board production process.

We can help you to choose the right tape for your product!