Our story

Lemtapes is an award-winning solution provider and producer of ecological, innovative tapes and adhesives for the packaging and woodworking industries. 

As your adhesives expert, we only offer products and services that bring tangible added value — to your company, your production process, and to your end customers.

We’re extending Emport Oy’s story as a specialty manufacturer of adhesive tapes. Our first tapes for the woodworking industry were completed in the 1970s. Today, we’re an international player with vendors and customers in more than 20 countries. In our product development, we emphasise sustainability and circular economy.

Lemtapes office and production are located in Valkeakoski. Our location, just 30 kilometres from Tampere, offers excellent transport connections both within Finland and abroad.


1977 Mr. Pekka Harkki begins the production of hot melt strings and tapes used in the plywood industry. The company is named Harved Oy.

1987 Hot melt tapes and strings – a division of Harved Oy – is sold to Linear Products Inc., which is owned by H.B. Fuller Company, and later became known as Adalis Corporation.

1989 Emport is founded, with two business segments: importing and distributing wood products, and distributing Adalis adhesive tapes and strings, until the year 2003.

2004 Emport restarts its own production of hot-melt products for the plywood industry.

2010 Emport begins the production of tapes for reinforcement and opening for the corrugated cardboard industry.

2012 Emport launches its own tape application system – Dispenser and Beam – for the corrugated board process.

2015 Lemtapes Oy is established. Emport becomes a co-owner. together with Pikexpo Invest Oy and key personnel of Lemtapes Oy. The adhesive tapes and string business is sold to Lemtapes Oy, while Emport continues to concentrate on importing and distributing wood products.

December 2022 Lemtapes is acquired by H.B. Fuller, a major adhesives manufacturer, combining their joint expertise to bring new technologies and benefits to the packaging and woodworking industries. Read more.