Mosaic Lager leads with lightness and durability

Pyynikin Brewing Company’s Mosaic Lager is the rare microbrewery beer in Finland that’s also available in a corrugated cardboard box with handles – in packs of 18.

Good packaging is a prerequisite for selling beer

“Mosaic Lager’s packaging is great – we’re able to use distinctive graphics with the packaging because the wide printing surfaces give us that possibility,” says Tuomas Pere, founder of Pyynikin Brewing Company.

“In addition to the packaging’s compelling color visibility, it’s also been cleverly designed – the best-before date of the cans is visible through openings in the base. And although hundreds of these packages have passed through my hands, the packaging handle has never once failed thanks to Lemtapes’ reinforcement tape.

The durable, recyclable and user-friendly packaging is easy to transport. Mosaic Lager is a volume product, but with the personal touch typical of all of Pyynikin products. Beer packaging should offer the opportunity to tell a story.

“Because Pyynikin Brewing Company has been chosen twice as Finland’s most prestigious beer brand, we really have a story worth telling.”

Mosaic Lager was born out of a desire to experiment, and with the idea of making a microbrewery beer that would appeal to a wider consumer audience.

“It was originally created as a seasonal beer. I recently entered it in the lager category of the World Beer Awards in London, and it was selected as the best Seasonal Lager in the world. The hops used in Mosaic give it just enough bitterness, and the dry hopping process adds a tropical and berry-like sensation. Its popularity has ensured that we’ve been able to increase production volume all the time,” says Tuomas Pere.

pyynikin-brewhouse-tuomas-pere-tasting-3 (kuva Ronja Honko)
Tuomas Pere behind the counter at Pyynikin Brewing Company (photo by Ronja Honko)

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