Frustration-free unboxing experiences and sustainable packaging for e-commerce

The most important packaging feature is durability – this keeps the product safe in its package throughout the supply chain, from producer to consumer. By delivering the product undamaged, we also protect the environment from the product itself while preventing needless returns that increase transport emissions and unnecessary waste from broken products.

To keep your packaging strong, we offer Lemtapes reinforcement tape, an invisible adhesive solution applied to the inside of your packaging that protects the product inside, reduces material usage and improves stackability. We also offer reinforcement tape in new, sustainable materials.

Memorable packaging solutions for modern e-commerce

Once you’ve put a packaging solution in place that keeps your product safe and in one piece, you can turn to other matters – namely, using your packaging to build your brand. These days, e-commerce isn’t about just supplying the goods. Competition is high, and consumers expect a memorable and engaging experience both when browsing products and when receiving your package.

Corrugated boxes provide the space you need for visual communication with consumers – a blank canvas to convey your brand’s unique image, values and personality. Why cover it up with run-of-the-mill packing tape when Lemtapes Closing Tape makes packages a cinch to seal – saving time at the warehouse – and is invisible to the naked eye?

Unique packaging design will also make your brand stand out on crowded shelves. According to a study in the Journal of Psychology & Marketing, unattractive packaging activates brain regions associated with negative emotions, while attractive packaging makes consumers more willing to buy.

Finally, your packaging needs to be efficient to package and practical for the consumer to unbox. Ideally, the package should be almost effortless for the consumer to open and offer a unique experience in its own right.

Cutting into the top of a box with scissors, with a "no scissors" graphic in the top left corner.
Standard packaging tapes cover up your branding and require tools or force to open, an annoyance for consumers and a risk to the products inside.

Packaging design and an easy, memorable unboxing experience come together to affect customer loyalty with your brand. And in an era when any consumer can upload a video opening your products – which might receive thousands to millions of views – unique package design and a frustration-free unboxing experience are essential.

Lemtapes offers a complete frustration-free packaging solution for e-commerce brands. Our e-commerce solution includes three separate tapes:

  • One for efficient packing and easy closing
  • One for a frustration-free opening experience for the consumer
  • And one for simple re-sealing
Graphic of Lemtapes three-tape e-commerce packaging solution – one tape for quick packing, one for easy opening, and one for simple returns.
Lemtapes’ three-in-one e-commerce packaging solution.

Contact us to talk about building your e-commerce brand with Lemtapes, or read more about our solutions for e-commerce.

Packaging UX Checklist

  1. Is your packaging strong enough to protect the product throughout the supply chain?
  2. Does it use space wisely to stand out on the shelves and in the consumer’s home?
  3. Does it clearly convey your brand values (for example eco-friendliness, high quality, or elegance)?
  4. Is the package easy to open?
  5. Can the consumer recycle the package easily?

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