Lemtapes Oy has been awarded the Menestyjä/Achievers certificate!

Kauppalehti Achievers seal.

We have received the Kauppalehti Achievers certificate, which is awarded to only the top 8% of Finnish companies!

The Achievers mark is a guarantee of quality and reliability. It communicates at a glance that the company knows how to handle its customers, business and personnel well.

The Achievers company belongs to a group that a professional financial analyst has found to perform better than its peers. Financial success is built from several different areas:

  • competent business management
  • dedicated staff
  • effective processes
  • understanding the customer

We have invested in our business in both segments, woodworking and packaging. At the same time, we also prioritize profitability so that we can continue to invest in our personnel, systems, processes and working equipment. We keep our clients and partners directly informed about these development steps.

Thanks for this achievement goes to each of our employees, customers and partners – you make our success possible!

Lemtapes Oy's Achiever's certificate.

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