Packaging is a matter of sustainability

Pakkauslehti – the packaging magazine of The Finnish Packaging Association – recently interviewed Samuli Strömberg, CEO of Lemtapes. The interview discusses how Lemtapes helps reduce material use and supports sustainable development, as well as Samuli’s favorite packaging.

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Lemtapes wants to promote sustainable development – for example, by increasing the durability of packaging. According to Lemtapes CEO Samuli Strömberg, when evaluating environmental friendliness, the entire packaging life cycle should be taken into account.

Lemtapes produces specialty tapes and adhesives for the fiber packaging and wood processing industries. In packaging, the company’s main product is reinforcement tape. CEO Samuli Strömberg says that the idea is to increase the strength and durability of the packaging at the points where they are subjected to the greatest stress.

“Reinforcement can be used, for example, along creases, handles, and handhole openings. Reinforcement can also be used to add new functionality to packaging. They can, for example, be more resistant to stacking or their service life can be extended.”

The full article is in Finnish and can be read at The Finnish packaging Association.