Introducing Lemtapes® Bag-In-Box

Lemtapes® BiB brings a fresh perspective to sustainable cardboard packaging design, which replaces plastic handle and provides user friendly and easy recycling

Two Lemtapes Bag In Box packages with integrated handles.
Lemtapes® BIB replaces plastic handles and ensures an easier
recycling process.

Asking your packaging supplier to say goodbye to plastic handles has never been better for your brand – from production, to the shelf, to the hands and homes of your consumers. Lemtapes BiB uses flat, integrated cardboard handles that will simplify the production process and save your money.

On the shelf, BiB sends a clear message about your brand – strong and sustainable – without sacrificing print quality or branding options. The corrugated board handle, reinforced with Lemtapes Eco Tape, runs through the entire package, making recycling fast and easy. BiB is the next step in frustration free packaging, and will leave your customer with a positive impression of your brand.

Lemtapes® Bag in Box is perfect for products in these categories:

Juice, Wine, Water, Olive Oils, Chemical liquids and other food and non-food segments.      

The design and concept was created in Pack-Age project at Aalto Design Factory.

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The Bag-In-Box concept is Lemtapes® design protected.