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H.B.Fuller – Lemtapes packaging guide

H.B. Fuller makes an impact throughout your packaging’s life cycle, from production to recycling and returns.

Download this guide to learn how we can help you improve the functionality, sustainability, and user experience of your packaging.

What’s inside:

  • how to strengthen your packages, from e-commerce to retail bulk bins
  • how to prevent bulging and breaking
  • how to reduce the usage of paper material during packaging production
  • how to create functional packaging in a sustainable and cost effective way
  • the importance of creating a better consumer experience with your packages 
  • how to optimize transportation and warehouse space through packaging alone
  • making the packing process more efficient
  • three high-impact real world cases
  • top tips for producing more sustainable packaging

A stronger impact with H.B. Fuller

Lemtapes is now an affiliate with H.B. Fuller, the largest pure play adhesives company in the world.

Our combination of expertise will help us bring new technologies and even greater value to your packaging’s life cycle!

H.B.Fuller acquisition of Lemtapes
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Download the H.B.Fuller – Lemtapes guide to better packaging!