Cooperation between Koskisen and Lemtapes can be seen around the world

With over 100 years of age and traditions, sustainability and reliability are naturally the leading values for the company’s operations. The long-term, close cooperation between Koskisen’s timber industry Group and Lemtapes is also built on this basis.

Workers feeding sheets of plywood into a veneer composer.

Koskisen exports products to over 60 countries and up to over 90 percent of veneer products are for export. Lemtapes’ expertise is also visible, through veneer products, at the most versatile sites, from the ceiling and balcony elements of a world-class concert hall to the veneer design of the transport equipment manufacturing sector. Lemtapes delivers all the adhesive tapes and hot-melt adhesives that are used in Koskisen’s veneer production.

“Long-term cooperation is extremely important to us. It is a mutual benefit, and we appreciate the way Lemtapes has committed to our cooperation”, says Koskisen’s Purchasing and Quality Manager Anna-Maaret Roppola.

The functionality of adhesive tapes is assessed from the perspective of overall use and costs.

“The tape must work in our product, as well as in the entire production process. It’s the ensemble that counts.”

The end use sites are often demanding and require the tape product to be of high quality, such as uncompromised melting and breaking properties.

“Lemtapes is extremely familiar with our processes and our machinery, and this enables seamless product development for our needs.”

Over the years, cooperation has become even closer.

“The quality of the product is important, but the proficiency and reliability of cooperation is just as important. It is not just about purchasing and delivering, but also about partnership at a strategic level. Lemtapes’ key persons have also brought along their own robust industrial experience.”