”The result is always the best solution possible”

Metsä Wood processes laminated veneer lumber and plywood in Punkaharju. Lemtapes’ taping products have been an essential part of the production of both product families for over 15 years.

A stack of veneer lumber at the Metsä Wood factory.

Plywood is made of uniform quality birch. Thanks to the high quality raw material and their structure, the sheets have excellent strength and rigidity properties. Lemtapes’ hot melt strings form a uniform veneer that is dimensioned to meet the customer’s needs.

Production Manager Mika Heikkonen has known the staff and products of Lemtapes for over 15 years. He highlights Lemtapes’ ability to develop customized solutions. “Lemtapes understands the challenges of Metsä Wood’s production and always knows how to find the best solution”, he says.

More than a supplier of strings

Metsä Wood’s Kerto is a strong timber beam and panel product made by gluing layers of spruce. Its rigidity and strength make it a great solution for bearing structures that require high strength and wherever durability and lightness are needed. Kerto products are used in all kinds of construction, from new construction to renovations and industrial applications.

Production Manager Petri Räsänen says collaboration involving Metsä Wood’s Kerto products started in 2001 after the new factory was started. “Lemtapes’ hot melt strings and hot melt adhesives are crucial. We are satisfied with how Lemptapes’ products work in our production and with the expertise of the contact persons, and with how easy and convenient it is to get assistance.

With its extensive experience, Lemtapes can also provide Metsä Wood with technical expertise.

“When Lemtapes’ employees visit our factory, they also inspect our machinery and give our maintenance staff and employees tips for optimizing composer machines”, says Mika Heikkonen.

Lemtapes is now H.B.Fuller Finland!