Veneer composing

Our high quality tapes are ideal for veneer composing.

Core veneer composing

With the help of Lemtapes products, you can get as much use as possible out of your veneer material during plywood production. With Lemtapes, even low-quality inner ply veneers will offer the best yield on the market. Wasting fewer veneers leads to unbeatable cost efficiencies during production through saved material.

All this is made possible through Lemtapes’ adhesive strings, which offer high resistance and outstanding spreadability. Adhesive string holds the veneer sheets tightly together and keeps your waste percentage low.

Face veneer composing

For face veneer composing, Lemtapes products are distinct for their long change times. The tape rolls we supply are larger and longer lasting than similar products from our competitors, enabling efficient production without excessive downtime.


Lemtapes offers best-in-industry veneer tapes for the Raute core veneer composer. We also carry adhesive for Raute composer butt joints. 

Our product range also includes veneer tapes and strings for the Kuper core composer and for the Kuper face composer.

Special adhesives and polyester yarns are available for Hashimoto, Cremona and other similar core composers. We have expertise in composing and consultation for Raute composer service. Read more about our technical visits, where we ensure your machinery and production are running as smoothly as possible.

Reliable supplies from our own stock ensure smooth production without unnecessary interruptions.

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