Ecologically sustainable solutions

We’re a Finnish producer of ecological, innovative tapes and adhesives for the cardboard and plywood industries. 

For cardboard manufacturers and brand owners, our products will add value to your brand by reinforcing the structure of cardboard boxes and making opening and closing frustration-free. For the plywood industry, we provide products with excellent adhesion that will reduce your material waste – and increase your profit. 

Our solutions are designed from the ground up to optimise your production process while placing your brand on the cutting edge of innovative and sustainable design.

It’s simple – you just have to apply yourself.

Eco Tape, a forerunner in environmentally friendly packaging tapes.

Pure Tape – the first sustainable tape to use cellulose for its core fibres. Winner of the 2019 FEFCO Sustainability Award.

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Donating to preserve and protect

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. At Lemtapes, we help the packaging and woodworking industries reduce material,…

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Lemtapes and Aalto University collaborate to design a user friendly, ecological package

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