Life cycle benefits starting from corrugated board production

Lemtapes / H.B.Fuller makes an impact throughout your packaging’s life cycle, starting from the very first packaging stage – production.

Reduces paper material use

Lemtapes / H.B.Fuller reinforcement tape enables the use of thinner liner which reduces the amount of paper material needed for a higher standard of product protection. More robust packaging also means fewer damaged boxes, which leads to less raw material use throughout the packaging’s lifecycle.

For Adara Pakkaus, Lemtapes Slim Tape reduced paper use by 23% in the production of their Karjala beer multipack.

Easy tape application system

H.B.Fuller D&B (Dispenser & Beam) is an innovative machinery solution developed specifically for the corrugated board industry.

By enabling the use of different types of tapes and effortless roll changes, it allows corrugated cardboard manufacturers to diversify and enhance their production. H.B.Fuller D&B’s technology enables precise and secure positioning of tapes on the surface or within the structure of corrugated board without slowing down production.

Optimizes warehouse space

In some cases, Lemtapes / H.B.Fuller enables restructuring boxes to a smaller size while fitting the same amount of product and providing better protection. Strong bulge protection means products can also be stacked more efficiently and your working environment will be safer – even in moist and frigid conditions.

Thanks to Lemtapes, Gotek Group was able to switch from B-flute corrugated cardboard to E-flute for their frozen fish packaging, a thinner material that uses less space. The client’s new, reinforced packaging uses less raw material and allowed Gotek Group to restructure its boxes into a smaller size while fitting the same amount of product, saving space and reducing transport emissions.

Ecological and innovative tape solutions, know-how and service for sustainable packaging

As your solution partner, we offer products and services that bring tangible added value — to your company, your production process, and to your end customers.

H.B. Fuller is an award-winning global packaging solutions provider that offers sustainable and recyclable tape and adhesives to improve packaging qualities in a cost-effective way.

Our solutions are designed from the ground up to optimize your production process while placing your brand on the cutting edge of innovative and sustainable design.

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